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Electrics for soloist instrument with electroacoustic live (2005-2007), 10mn;;

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Date : 2004-2005

Duration : 10 mn

Commission: written during my composer residence in Annecy, MIA and conservatory of Musique d’Annecy.
New version october 2005, written for the festival Why Note 2005.

Nomenclature : flute solo and electroacoustic live

Premiere :
26 november 2005 at Parvis Saint Jean, Dijon Sophie Dardeau, flûte soloist of l’ensemble L’Itinéraire.

Dédicated to Sophie Dardeau et Jean-Loup Graton.

Editor : Editions Jobert

Notice :
The Electrics (2005) are attempts to create sound spaces that unite the soloist and live electronics in a special relationship. With the Electrics , I try to define this ideal interactivity, reactive and sensible relationship, as it is usually the case for a chamber music relationship which unites two musicians, the two parts being in this case the soloist and the computer. An interactive space, creative and recreational where the soloist can build a personal itinerary among electroacoustic sound territories in which he moves creating its own routes in the score of "open form".

Here, the computer program "listens" to the "E" of the flute, pitch pivot on which polarizes the work, pitch that serves as interactive relay with the computer. On each "E", the system immediately analyzes the microtonal variations, dynamics and timbre of the soloist. Based on these parameters are built electroacoustic transformations. So the soloist keeps permanent control of these transformations by his playing interpretation.

Florence Baschet

The Electrics are mixed-music pieces that are intended to accustom instrumentalists (professionals and conservatory graduate students) to contemporary instrumental playing techniques with electroacoustic device in real time, this device being controlled by the soloist playing interpretation. Nowadays, there are 2 Electrics, one for saxophone and one for flute.