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Piranhas for 2 voices (mezzo-soprano and sopranist), saxophone quartet, wind quintet, string quintet, piano, percussion, electroacoustic live and video (2004), 40mn;

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Piranhas, video-opera with video device on four screens and electroacoustic live.

Date : 2004

Duration : 40 mn

Commission : Commande de l’Etat

Editor : Editions Jobert and Rubin

Nomenclature :
soloists : mezzo-soprano and sopranist, saxophone quartet,
with ensemble : string quintet (2vl-1vla-1vc-1cb), wind quintet (fl.ob-cl-ba-cor), pno and perc, electroacoustic live and video.

Images : painter artist, Pietrantonio

Text : Massimo Carlotto written for Florence Baschet

Dédicated : to Dora et Raffaello

Premiere : 5 november 2004, 18h and 20h30, studio des Balmettes, Annecy, festival MIA.
With ensemble instrumental ‘Pleïade’, dir. Jean Paul Odiau.
And the soloists : Roula Safar, Fabrice di Falco, quartet Habanera

Reprises :
le 1er décembre 2004, 22h au MC2, Grenoble, festival des 38èmes Rugissants
Le 18 avril 2005, Paris, ‘L’Itinéraire de nuit’, ens. L’Itinéraire, direction Mark Foster.
Le 25 mars 2006, Lyon, Musiques en scène, GRAME

Piranhas is a video-opera where the audience is immersed in the sound and the image, surrounded by musicians playing and visual screens covering the walls of the space: images are projected on all four walls of the room, the musicians are in the center, the audience sits around the musicians and all four saxophonist placed at a corner of the place.

The images scrolling on the 4 screens follow a piranha, freshwater fish of Amazon, famous by the ferocity of his sharp teeth, trying to nourish one word: 'freedom'. Behind him, at the bottom of the water scroll other images, those ones real and virtual, as a mirror of our contemporaneity.
Florence Baschet.