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BogenLied for 'augmented' violin and electroacoustic in real time (2005), 12mn;

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Date : 2005

Duration : 11.40 mn

Commission : Association Cumulus, festival Why Note

Editor : Editions Jobert

Nomenclature : 'augmented' violin soloist and electroacoustic live

Premiere :
26 november 2005, Parvis Saint Jean, Dijon
Anne Mercier, violin soloist of ensemble L’Itinéraire.
Concert in co-réalisation with l’Ircam, Réalisateur en informatique musicale Ircam : Serge Lemouton, Technology augmented violin Ircam: Nicolas Rasamimanana, Frédéric Bevilacqua, Emmanuel Fléty

Notice :
BogenLied (2005) is a piece for "augmented violin" and electroacoustic live. This violin with particular name, is the subject of a development research at IRCAM. Single prototype, the augmented violin contains a chip weighing only a few grams and placed on the rise of the bow of the violinist. This chip is able to capture in real time during the concert, the gestural phrasing of the instrumentalist as soloist performs with his bow across the strings, and transmit this information to the computer at the center of electroacoustic device.

Why the gestural phrasing of the player is so intéresssant ? I would assert that the gestural phrasing of bowings is the expression of the instrumental thought for strings instruments, especially because such phrasing is the tool that elaborates the sound, that shapes the timbre of the sounding object with the energy, celerity and position qualities of the bow on the strings. All those qualities the bow is transmitting to the string create those numerous timbre variations.

My concern as a composer is to place my hearing and my compositional intention in that reserved spot of the bow strokes, to capture the gestural phrasing of the instrumentalist and to create with these data a new type of interactive system between the soloist and the computer. The basis of this new system is the bowings which controle the electronic audio processes and define the synthesis parameters of the sound.

BogenLied is the first piece written for 'augmented violin' commissioned by Association Cumulus, creatd in concert in co-réalisation with Ircam by Anne Mercier, violin soloist of ensemble L’Itinéraire. Réalisation informatique musicale Ircam : Serge Lemouton. Technologie violon augmenté Ircam: Nicolas Rasamimanana, Frédéric Bevilacqua, Emmanuel Fléty

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